Press Release

North Country Boy

As the hoards of sun seekers flock to the stunning seaside town of Lytham,
they need look no further for a truly British dining experience, this summer.
Henry’s Bar and Grill, renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and great
customer service, has added another rather splendid string to its bow…

Joining the lively Henry’s team and bringing a wealth of culinary experience
is newly appointed head chef, Jonny Gilmore. Having worked with Nigel
Howarth and James Martin, Jonny (born and bred on the Fylde coast) brings
his own fresh and honest style to the popular Bar and Grill.

A head chef passionate about the local area and its produce, sourcing all
ingredients from local suppliers, he says, “You just need to look outside to
be inspired, seeing the coast, and creating dishes with fresh fish from
Lanigans…. what could be better?!”

Gilmore creates using seasonal produce and believes in setting the trends,
certainly something Henry’s are used to doing! Regulars are already
anticipating Gilmore’s new menu, launching May, and there may be a few
surprises. Glimore is groundbreaking in his approach, with clear vision and
understanding of the customer’s palate he created a menu that will be
sure to delight.

Championing British food, Jonny ‘brings out the best in every ingredient’
and has adopted this approach for the numerous food festivals that he has
been involved with. Customers can’t get enough of his enticing dishes and
his loyal following are keem to see what he has to offer in Lytham. It seems
that Jonny Glimore will certainly be putting his stamp on the Fylde coast


Press Contact:

Victoria Magnall, Lady V’s PR Tel: 07526 758531